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Focus on latest-generation unmanned platforms at AUVSI Xponential, 2023

25 April 2023

  • Compact, high-integrity inertial sensors and systems will extend unmanned performance and endurance.
  • Visit us on booth 2420.

At AUVSI Xponential from 8th – 11th May in Denver, Colorado, the Silicon Sensing team will be focused on the performance requirements of the next generation of smaller, long-endurance unmanned air, land and sea platforms.

David Somerville, General Manager, Silicon Sensing comments: “The drivers across the unmanned sector, whatever the environment, are to reduce platform size whilst increasing operational flexibility and time-on-station. If platform manufacturers are to achieve these goals the challenge for suppliers such as Silicon Sensing is to deliver systems and sensors that are smaller and lighter, offer ever more precise performance but require little power.”

In critical areas, such as bias instability and angle random walk, Silicon Sensing’s latest inertial products are already delivering inertial performance equivalent to larger, heavier, and far more costly FOG-based units - and the next generation of inertial technology is well along the development cycle. The new wave of inertial products promises performance that will significantly exceed what has been accepted as possible from micro-electro-mechanical (MEMS) -based systems, for even less in terms of unit size, weight and power consumption.

Somerville continues: “At Xponential we are extremely interested to talk with platform manufacturers and operators across many sectors, including maritime, aerospace, space and defence, industrial robotics, agriculture, and transport. As well as discussing how we can support current requirements our goal is to explore future needs and directions, examining where our next generation of devices could take the autonomous platforms of the future.”

Products on display at AUVSI Xponential will include:

DMU41 – A 9 degrees of freedom (DoF), tactical grade IMU delivering market leading bias instability. Some 50% smaller, lighter, and with significantly lower power consumption than its predecessor, DMU41’s performance competes directly with FOG-based IMU’s.

CRH03 – A new compact and rugged stand-alone gyro with impressive performance that is extremely stable over time and temperature. It is available in both a housed and OEM configuration and offers an excellent, cost-effective alternative to FOG-based products.

Gemini® - A family of high-performance accelerometers delivering precise, dual axis, linear acceleration measurement in a compact, surface-mounted package.

Pinpoint® - Only the size of your smallest fingernail (approximately 5mm x 6mm) this is the most successful gyro in the Silicon Sensing product range. It is available in flat or orthogonal mounts and is in use in large numbers in an extremely wide range of applications.

CMS300 - A robust MEMS gyro and dual-axis accelerometer with class-leading bias and noise performance over temperature. This is the ideal low power sensor for motion sensing tasks, including navigation, levelling, robotics, measurement, and control - or for installation in IMUs, AHRS and inclinometers.

DMU11 - A proven unit, sold worldwide, the DMU11 is a low cost, rugged and lightweight 6-DOF MEMS IMU delivering premium performance for high volume applications. It offers complete motion sensing in three-dimensional space, with performance that is calibrated over its full rated temperature range.

Photo caption: SS family of products

Editor’s Notes:

AUVSI Xponential

AUVSI Xponential is widely regarded as the most significant global unmanned systems event. Organised by the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI), the world's largest non-profit organisation dedicated to the advancement of unmanned systems and robotics, it is the leading marketplace for inter and intra-industry transactions. The show also features a comprehensive educational programme on technology and policy developments. For more information go to: 


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