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Inertial requirements across evolving unmanned markets identified at AUVSI Xponential

16 May 2022

At AUVSI Xponential 2022 last month the Silicon Sensing team successfully progressed discussions with businesses from many sectors, exploring emerging motion sensing needs in markets as diverse as agriculture, maritime and space. 

Steve Capers, General Manager, Silicon Sensing explains “Across almost all sectors unmanned technology is creating an extraordinary range of new opportunities and with that comes an ever-growing need for precise, robust and reliable inertial sensors and systems that are also compact and consume little power.  This is where Silicon Sensing excels.” 

Silicon Sensing’s focus is on delivering rugged, ultra-reliable, high-performance micro electro-mechanical systems (MEMS) inertial sensors and systems.  From tiny, low cost, navigation and pointing gyros through to compact, tactical grade, 9 degree of freedom inertial measurement units (IMUs), the company showcased its full range of products to customers at Xponential.

The product range includes:

DMU11 - A proven IMU that has been sold worldwide.  The DMU11 is a low-cost IMU that delivers premium performance for high volume applications.

DMU41 – A new tactical grade IMU offering market leading bias instability. Some 50% smaller, lighter, and lower power consumption than its predecessor, DMU41’s performance competes directly with FOG-based IMU’s

CRH03 – A new compact and rugged stand-alone gyro with impressive and stable performance over time and temperature

CMS300 - A robust gyro and dual-axis accelerometer with class-leading bias and noise performance over temperature.

Pinpoint® - The smallest gyro in our range – the size of your smallest fingernail – and our most successful product. Used in many and diverse applications, rugged and low cost.

Gemini® - a family of high-performance accelerometers delivering precise, dual axis, linear acceleration measurement in a compact, surface-mounted package.

Steve Capers, General Manager of Silicon Sensing continues: “In critical areas such as bias instability and angle random walk we offer units that are able to deliver performance equivalent to far larger, heavier, and more expensive fibre optic-based units.  For industrial, commercial and consumer applications, and for tasks ranging from platform stabilisation through to GPS-denied navigation, our family of products will deliver a reliable and cost-effective solution.”

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