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Vacancy - MEMS Engineer

17 May 2018

To support our existing business and enable future growth, we are seeking a MEMS Engineer to join our multi-disciplinary technology development team to design and develop next generation MEMS inertial sensors.

The role may include travel to UK and foreign customer sites to support technical meetings, trials and programme reviews.

Essential qualifications, skills and experience:

  • Master’s or PhD degree in Physics, Mechanical or Electrical/Electronic Engineering with at least 4 years of work experience
  • Theoretical and practical understanding of inertial sensors (accelerometers and gyroscopes), their modes of operation and sources of error
  • Expertise in designing high performance MEMS sensors (conceptual and structural design) using mathematical models, Multi-Physics FEA tools (ANSYS/COMSOL/Coventor)
  • Understanding of MEMS transducer technologies (Electrostatic, Electromagnetic, Optical etc) and their electrical interfacing requirements
  • Knowledge of MEMS materials (Silicon and other novel materials), substrates (Silicon, Glass, Silicon-On-Insulator, ceramics), die-attach materials (Silicone elastomers and other materials) and their suitability for high performance MEMS inertial sensors
  • Expertise in use of data analysis tools (MATLAB) and understanding of data gathering, analysis and calibration / compensation techniques
  • Demonstrated ability to generate ideas, invention disclosures and create IP (Patents or Publications)
  • Practical experience in MEMS sensor testing (MEMS level wafer test, sensor level bench tests and sensor level performance testing)
  • Understanding of Laser Physics / cold atom / Quantum effects and technologies
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills for International and multi-cultural team-working

Desirable skills and experience:

  • Understanding of MEMS fabrication processes (Silicon, Glass, Metal layers) and their limitations
  • Knowledge of MEMS packaging and assembly techniques and their suitability for high performance MEMS inertial sensors
  • Practical ability to set up, debug and test breadboard electronics circuits for proof-of-concept and prototype development
  • Understanding of control systems fundamentals  and using MATLAB/Simulink for optimising closed loop sensor system performance

Interested candidates should send a CV to [email protected] or send an expression of interest via our contact form here.  All responses will be forwarded to our HR team.

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