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Launch of VSG-4

24 April 2008

Silicon Sensing has launched a new generation of MEMS (Micro Electro-Mechanical Systems) angular rate sensors to meet the developing requirements of the automotive and other industries for ever-smaller, digitally controlled motion sensors.

The new technology, designated VSG-4, meaning fourth-generation Vibrating Structure Gyroscope, offers the high integrity and accuracy associated with digital control, and an extensive self-test capability.

VSG-4 has evolved from the highly successful VSG-3 silicon vibrating structure gyroscope, over 10 million of which have been supplied, mostly to the automotive industry, since deliveries began in the late nineties. These units form the yaw rate sensing heart of the vehicle stability control systems in many of today’s passenger cars, trucks and buses.

Prototype evaluation units are now available, and have already been distributed to many automotive customers. Feedback so far has been extremely encouraging. The standard evaluation board integrates VSG-4 with a 2-axis accelerometer, thus offering a typical sensor cluster for electronic stability applications.

Vibrating Structure Gyros use a tiny vibrating silicon ring to detect angular velocity through the Coriolis effect. The use of digital rather than analogue closed loop control of ring vibration amplitude and frequency will provide added value to users in terms of integrity, accuracy and reliability.

Silicon Sensing is an established supplier to the automotive industry, accredited to TS16949.


About Silicon Sensing
Silicon Sensing Systems Limited, based in the south west of England, is a development and manufacturing company with a global presence in the inertial sensing industry. Innovative MEMS gyro designs developed in the UK are fabricated in silicon MEMS at its facility in Japan.

Jointly owned by BAE Systems in the UK and Sumitomo Precision Products in Japan, the company was established in 1999. Now, more than six years later, Silicon Sensing has established itself as one of the major players in the fast-growing market for automotive and commercial motion sensors.

Silicon Sensing is exhibiting at Sensors Expo, Chicago, 6/7 June 2006.

A picture of the VSG-04 evaluation unit is available to media on request. For a picture or further information, please contact Chris Tear of pr dogs on +44 (0)1822 855819 (direct) or +44 (0)7879 404892 (mobile) or email [email protected]

Release issued by pr dogs limited of Horrabridge, Devon, UK on behalf of Silicon Sensing Systems Limited, Plymouth PL6 6DE, UK

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