The Future

Silicon Sensing engineers and physicists are busy taking the MEMS inertial sensor technology to new levels of accuracy and precision, and are developing a whole new range of sensor modules and IMUs.

FOG-grade MEMS gyro - An ultra-low drift (sub-0.3°/hr) MEMS gyro sensor project, code-named SGH03, is now in an advanced stage of development and testing.  This sensor will be released in new gyro module and IMU products available from Silicon Sensing over the next 12 months.  We’re inviting interested customers to get in touch to express their interest and take the opportunity to feed their needs into our development cycle.

Small, low-cost, high precision, 11-DOF MEMS MMU (Motion Measurement Unit) – Work has begun on the integration of Silicon Sensing’s class-leading PinPoint®CMS300 and Gemini® MEMS Inertial sensors together with magnetic heading and barometric sensors.  Customers looking for a complete solution are welcome to contact us regarding this development for further information and to inject their requirements.