Piezoelectric Thin Film Sputtering Service

PZT has high piezoelectric constant and its thin film can be patterned finely making it ideal for MEMS sensors.

High Reliability - mass production experience (1,000,000 per year) brings stable quality.
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Small Volume Welcomed - Single wafer prototyping available.
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Sputtering Specification

Specification Material PZT thin film
PZT film thickness 1-5μm
Relative Permittivity εr 900*
Piezoelectric Constant d31 220 pm/V*
Wafer Size 4•5•6•8 inch
Wafers Si wafer or SOI wafer
Available processes PZT Sputtering, Lower & Upper electrode sputtering, Precise patterning
Inspection Film thickness Film thickness measurement by SEM
Orientation Axis inspection with XRD
Composition XRF

*The above Relative Permittivity εr and Piezoelectric Constant d31 are typical values for 3μm thickness PZT after Polarization

Typical Applications

  • Accelerometers
  • Inkjet Heads
  • MEMS Microphone
  • Micropump
  • Gyro
  • Ultrasonic Sensor
  • MEMS Mirror
  • Energy Harvester