Foundry Services

In addition to manufacturing its own MEMS inertial sensor products, Silicon Sensing is now able to offer MEMS Foundry Services for prototype fabrication through to mass production.

Having developed and produced 30 million MEMS devices over 13 years, Silicon Sensing has accumulated sophisticated wafer processing technologies and unique packaging capabilities which can now be accessed by customers for development and production of their own designs. 

Process Capabilities & Services

Silicon Sensing has a comprehensive range of capability within its foundry in Japan and offers these to customers for development and production programmes.

Service Flow

Silicon Sensing takes great pride in handling customer enquiries in an efficient and friendly manner and providing first-rate support during their development programmes.

MEMS Gyro Experience

Silicon Sensing has delivered approaching 30,000,000 high performance inertial MEMS gyroscopes and accelerometers to thousands of satisfied customers since the company was formed back in 1999.

Glass Interposer (GIP)

Silicon Sensing’s glass interposer process (GIP) offers high reliability derived from the wafer level packaging process


PZT has high a piezoelectric constant and its thin film can be patterned finely, making it ideal for MEMS sensors.


Silicon Sensing has an extensive array of highly capable and modern equipment available for customer's product development and manufacturing needs.

Case Studies

Here is just a sample of the customer projects successfully delivered by Silicon Sensing’s foundry services.