Rate Tables

Silicon Sensing has had a close relationship with ACUTRONIC in Switzerland for many years. 

We are a major customer and user of ACUTRONIC’s rate tables. As a service, we are now able to facilitate purchase of such tables to suit designers’ particular needs.

The AC1120S series of rate tables and associated temperature chambers offer a versatile range of equipment to test inertial components, instruments and MEMS sensors. They are suitable for use in development, production, in-process test, calibration and final inspection.

The tables can be used vertically – for general sensor testing – or horizontally – for accelerometer and roll-over sensor evaluation.  A range of table heights and diameters offers a choice of solutions for all applications. A 30-way slip-ring allows the unit under test to be connected to the table base, and then to a data logging system.

The rate table can be operated from a host computer via RS232 or optional USB interface.  Other data interfaces include analogue, digital and CanBus. 

A Graphical User Interface allows the user to control the table by selecting modes, commanding motion set points, monitoring system variables and querying states.

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