Sensors and inertial systems for a wide variety of applications



Silicon Sensing produces a wide range of single-axis silicon MEMS Gyroscope sensors and modules to suit most applications where customers value product functionality, performance and integrity, and expert technical support.


Silicon Sensing has recently taken advantage of its MEM foundry facility in Japan to develop a new series of high-performance dual-axis accelerometers.

Inertial Systems

Combi-Sensor Modules and 6-DOF MEMS IMUs

Development Tools

Sensor Evaluation Boards and USB Interface Kits are available for many of the products.

Rate Tables

We are a major customer and user of ACUTRONIC’s rate tables. As a service, we are now able to facilitate purchase of such tables to suit designers’ particular needs.

Product Lifecycle Status

Use this comprehensive list of all our current and retired sensors and systems to help determine the right choices for your next system.