DMU10 will be sampling soon

14/05/2014 Silicon Sensing Systems has been developing its latest 6 degree of freedom Dynamic Measurement Unit, the DMU10 and it will be sampling soon.

A ‘Hard Man’ to Replace!

06/05/2014 Silicon Sensing would like to thank Geoff Hardman for his many years of outstanding service as Chief Engineer.

JIS Q 9100: 2009

06/04/2014 Silicon Sensing has recently achieved full certification to JIS Q 9100: 2009.

Oceanology International 2014

17/03/2014 Staff from Silicon Sensing’s UK office were extremely busy recently at Oi2014 (Oceanology International) in London’s ExCel conference centre.

Humanoids visit Silicon Sensing

16/12/2013 ‘Eva’, Flux’ and ‘Mustachio’ , the University of Plymouth Humanoids, came to the site at Plymouth to show off their football prowess to Silicon Sensing.

New CRS39 finds North

11/12/2013 Silicon Sensing Systems is developing a single axis MEMS gyroscope that has the ability to find North with an accuracy previously only achievable by Fibre-Optic Gyroscopes (FOGs) and Ring Laser Gyroscopes (RLGs).

Silicon Sensing supporting AIRTEC

09/12/2013 Silicon Sensing has been appointed to the Scientific and Technology Committee for Aerospace Sensors and Testing for AIRTEC.

Renewal of Vows

26/11/2013 Shareholder Representatives meet in Japan to show renewed commitment to Joint Venture.

New CRH01

17/10/2013 MEMS Gyroscope Challenges FOG Technology

New Direction, New Director

05/09/2013 Newly appointed Director at Silicon Sensing Systems Japan; Mr. Ryozo Yagi, received a warm reception during his first visit to Silicon Sensing in Plymouth.

Spirit System use PinPoint® in new design

10/07/2013 Spirit System use PinPoint® in new design

UK and Japan meet to map out the future

01/06/2013 Directors and senior representatives from Silicon Sensing in Japan visited the Plymouth, U.K. site in June.

100 Years of The Gyro

07/03/2013 2013 marks a centenary of involvement at the forefront of gyroscope technology and the inertial industry.

Ultra Low-Drift Gyro Development

06/03/2013 Silicon Sensing is developing a new range of inertial sensors, modules and systems based on an all-new low-drift, sub-0.3°/hr, inductive MEMS gyro sensor head, offering a real low-cost alternative to FOG-based products.

PinPoint® Gyros help win Gold

13/09/2012 Plymouth Humanoids robot athletes, helped on their way by Silicon Sensing’s PinPoint® MEMS gyros, picked up a trio of medals at FIRA 2012, a World Cup for robots in Bristol in August.

Segway 'thumbs-up' for PinPoint®

12/09/2012 After a year of development, and rigorous testing and trials at Segway’s facility in Bedford, New Hampshire (USA), Silicon Sensing’s PinPoint® precision navigation and pointing MEMS gyro has been given a ‘thumbs up’

Mikado choose PinPoint®

03/09/2012 Mikado, a leading German manufacturer of RC Model Helicopters is now successfully using MEMS gyro sensors supplied by Silicon Sensing for its VStabi virtual flybar control system products.

Electronica Munich 2012

14/08/2012 Following its success in China earlier this year Silicon Sensing will be exhibiting once again at this leading electronics industry showcase trade fair in Munich in November.

UTC Aerospace Systems

13/08/2012 United Technologies Corp. recently completed its acquisition of Goodrich Corporation. Goodrich has been combined with Hamilton Sundstrand to create the new UTC Aerospace Systems company.

Sensors Expo 2012

10/05/2012 The event is known as one of the world’s largest and most important gatherings of engineers and scientists involved in the development and deployment of sensor systems.

Electronica China 2012

13/01/2012 Electronica China has established itself as China and Asia Pacific’s leading exhibition for high end applications and technological innovations.

Purchase PinPoint® Online

02/08/2011 As from Friday 18th March, 2011, customers in 23 countries across Europe and the Americas can now order PinPoint® gyro products directly from Silicon Sensing using their website.

Recent events in Japan

14/03/2011 Following the tragic events in Japan, Silicon Sensing can confirm that its manufacturing facility in Amagasaki, Hyogo prefecture, in the south of Japan is unaffected.

Electronica 2010 - Thank you!

15/11/2010 If we met you at Electronica 2010 in Munich, thank you for sparing the time.  It was a great show and, if we haven’t done so already, you’ll be getting a personal response from us shortly.

Electronica 2010

03/10/2010 Electronica 2010, the biggest European Electronics exhibition takes place in Munich and Silicon Sensing will be exhibiting with a brand-new eye-catching display stand.

New PinPoint® gyros released

11/08/2010 PinPoint® offer ‘real gyro’ performance to low-budget applications.  For full information see our new microsite –

Sensors Expo – Best of Show Award

10/06/2009 Silicon Sensing has been awarded a Bronze Sensors “Best of Sensors Expo” award in the Sensors category.  Silicon Sensing won its award for its CRS09 single axis rate gyro.

Silicon Sensing Yaw Rate Sensor Hits Record

10/01/2009 Silicon Sensing Systems Limited has reached a new milestone in the supply of MEMS Yaw Rate Sensors for automotive ESC (Electronic Stability Control).

Yole's Développment interviews Silicon Sensing

10/11/2008 The latest edition of Yole Développement’s I-Micronews features an interview with Eric Whitley, Silicon Sensing’s Business Development Executive.

New US office opened

12/10/2008 In a move to bolster sales and customer support to its North American, Silicon Sensing Systems Ltd has opened a dedicated US office located in Cheshire, CT.

1 Millionth CRS03 shipped

12/08/2008 Sales of the CRS03 gyroscope have reached an all time high and this month the 1,000,000th unit rolled off Silicon Sensing Systems’ production line.

Launch of VSG-4

24/04/2008 Silicon Sensing has launched a new generation of MEMS (Micro Electro-Mechanical Systems) angular rate sensors to meet the developing requirements of the automotive and other industries.

2007 – a good year for Silicon Sensing

12/12/2007 Silicon Sensing Systems had another very successful year in 2007, achieving better than expected growth in sales of its MEMS gyro products to key Automotive and Commercial market sectors.

Silicon Sensing supplies 10 millionth gyro

06/02/2006 Silicon Sensing Systems, the world’s leading supplier of angular rate sensors has delivered its ten millionth third generation Vibrating Structure Gyro.

Silicon Sensing Gyros in Unique Industrial Application

13/08/2013 Silicon Sensing gyroscopes are being used in a system to improve operational conditions in the industrial workplace.