DMU30 Improved Performance

18/02/2016 The DMU30, 9-DOF high performance IMU launched by Silicon Sensing Systems in 2015 continues to find new markets and customers.

Turkish Distributor Appointed

08/12/2015 Silicon Sensing is pleased to announce that Leo Mühendislik has been appointed to represent our products in Turkey. They are the latest to be added to a comprehensive network of distributors that spreads across Europe.

PinPoint® gyro helps navigate FLOORBOT

19/08/2015 Having been extensively used for ‘in-dash’ satnavs in gyro-aided dead reckoning navigation for cars PinPoint®’s latest achievement is being selected by FLOORBOTICS™ for use in self-guided robotic floor cleaning products for industry and the home.

TruTrak's continued co-operation with SSS

12/08/2015 TruTrak Flight Systems recently placed follow-on purchase orders for Silicon Sensing’s PinPoint® MEMS gyroscope products for use in its successful range of aircraft autopilots. This latest order further extends the co-operation between the two companies

PinPoint® gyro even better

07/08/2015 Continuous improvements to the design and manufacturing processes of the PinPoint® CRM100 and CRM200 precision MEMS gyro mean that SSS has been confident in tightening the specification to guarantee higher performance for many customers.

DMU30 Update

20/07/2015 DMU30 is making excellent progress and is on course for full release in October. DMU30 is a first generation High Performance MEMS IMU (HPIMU).

DMU30 is on course

05/03/2015 The first of a family of High Performance IMUs (HPIMUs) due for release in the summer of 2015, DMU30 is a ground-breaking, non-ITAR, MEMS IMU alternative to more costly ‘FOG-grade’ IMUs for use in exacting motion sensing applications.

Silicon Sensing welcomes Ian Lavers

19/01/2015 As we are developing a new range of precision MEMS IMU products there is a growing need for capability in software engineering, and Ian is the latest addition to the team.

400 years of Anglo-Japanese trading

26/09/2014 Silicon Sensing Systems recently took part in the Japan400 Plymouth celebrations, commemorating the 400th Anniversary of the arrival in Plymouth of the first English trading vessel to return from Japan.

JIS Q 9100: 2009

06/04/2014 Silicon Sensing has recently achieved full certification to JIS Q 9100: 2009, the equivalent aerospace industry sector Quality Assurance Standard to AS9100 and EN9100 in IAQG

DMU10 Diverse Applications

05/01/2016 DMU10, the low-cost IMU launched 18 months ago, has proved an extremely popular choice for a very diverse range of applications on land, at sea and in the air.



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