QA Team celebrates AS9100 audit success

12/04/2016 Silicon Sensing QA teams from Japan and the UK join to support a successful surveillance audit which maintains our AS9100 accreditation.

Australian Distributor Appointed

09/03/2016 Silicon Sensing has just appointed Applied Measurement Australia Pty. Ltd as its authorised distributor for Australia, a country with an indigenous manufacturing capability looking for high performance inertial sensing capability across a range of market sectors.

DMU30 Gearing up for Mass Production

18/02/2016 The DMU30 programme is moving into the qualification phase, ready to ramp up to full volume production in July 2016.

DMU10 Diverse Applications

05/01/2016 DMU10, the low-cost IMU launched 18 months ago, has proved an extremely popular choice for a very diverse range of applications on land, at sea and in the air.

Turkish Distributor Appointed

08/12/2015 Silicon Sensing is pleased to announce that Leo Mühendislik has been appointed to represent our products in Turkey. They are the latest to be added to a comprehensive network of distributors that spreads across Europe.

PinPoint® gyro helps navigate FLOORBOT

19/08/2015 Having been extensively used for ‘in-dash’ satnavs in gyro-aided dead reckoning navigation for cars PinPoint®’s latest achievement is being selected by FLOORBOTICS™ for use in self-guided robotic floor cleaning products for industry and the home.

TruTrak's continued co-operation with SSS

12/08/2015 TruTrak Flight Systems recently placed follow-on purchase orders for Silicon Sensing’s PinPoint® MEMS gyroscope products for use in its successful range of aircraft autopilots. This latest order further extends the co-operation between the two companies

PinPoint® gyro even better

07/08/2015 Continuous improvements to the design and manufacturing processes of the PinPoint® CRM100 and CRM200 precision MEMS gyro mean that SSS has been confident in tightening the specification to guarantee higher performance for many customers.

DMU30 Update

20/07/2015 DMU30 is making excellent progress and is on course for full release in October. DMU30 is a first generation High Performance MEMS IMU (HPIMU).

DMU30 is on course

05/03/2015 The first of a family of High Performance IMUs (HPIMUs) due for release in the summer of 2015, DMU30 is a ground-breaking, non-ITAR, MEMS IMU alternative to more costly ‘FOG-grade’ IMUs for use in exacting motion sensing applications.

Silicon Sensing welcomes Ian Lavers

19/01/2015 As we are developing a new range of precision MEMS IMU products there is a growing need for capability in software engineering, and Ian is the latest addition to the team.



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