DMU10 will be sampling soon

14/05/2014 Silicon Sensing Systems has been developing its latest 6 degree of freedom Dynamic Measurement Unit, the DMU10 and it will be sampling soon.

A ‘Hard Man’ to Replace!

06/05/2014 Silicon Sensing would like to thank Geoff Hardman for his many years of outstanding service as Chief Engineer.

JIS Q 9100: 2009

06/04/2014 Silicon Sensing has recently achieved full certification to JIS Q 9100: 2009.

Oceanology International 2014

17/03/2014 Staff from Silicon Sensing’s UK office were extremely busy recently at Oi2014 (Oceanology International) in London’s ExCel conference centre.

Humanoids visit Silicon Sensing

16/12/2013 ‘Eva’, Flux’ and ‘Mustachio’ , the University of Plymouth Humanoids, came to the site at Plymouth to show off their football prowess to Silicon Sensing.

New CRS39 finds North

11/12/2013 Silicon Sensing Systems is developing a single axis MEMS gyroscope that has the ability to find North with an accuracy previously only achievable by Fibre-Optic Gyroscopes (FOGs) and Ring Laser Gyroscopes (RLGs).

Silicon Sensing supporting AIRTEC

09/12/2013 Silicon Sensing has been appointed to the Scientific and Technology Committee for Aerospace Sensors and Testing for AIRTEC.

Renewal of Vows

26/11/2013 Shareholder Representatives meet in Japan to show renewed commitment to Joint Venture.

New CRH01

17/10/2013 MEMS Gyroscope Challenges FOG Technology

New Direction, New Director

05/09/2013 Newly appointed Director at Silicon Sensing Systems Japan; Mr. Ryozo Yagi, received a warm reception during his first visit to Silicon Sensing in Plymouth.



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