Precision Agriculture

Stable bias performance providing higher precision and yield for crop management.

  • Self-steering, inertial-aided GPS autopilot, boom controllers, vehicle yaw, pitch and roll control.
  • Precision farming is an expanding market and is demanding greater innovation in product performance and cost.  Silicon Sensing has several classes of precision gyroscope and accelerometer sensors and modules to suit the differing requirements of each application sector.
  • Precision and reliability at an affordable price are the unique features of Silicon Sensing’s MEMS inertial products which have made them first choice among engineers developing precision agricultural systems.
  • Low bias drift, low bias instability and stable performance over temperature.
  • Most popular products: DMU10, DMU30, PinPoint®, Orion™, CRG20, CRS43, CRS03, CRS07 & CRS09.