FOG-type performance from MEMS for precise and affordable position control.

  • Ship motion monitoring and control, ship positioning systems, submersibles (see Unmanned Vehicles).
  • This market usually involves high-value assets and therefore demands precision control and reliability.
  • The marine electronics sector has in the past been accustomed to using FOG and DTG gyroscopes for their low drift performance.  These devices, originally designed for military applications, can be extremely costly and not the most reliable.
  • Silicon Sensing’s patented VSG (Vibrating Structure Gyroscope) with its unique ‘balanced shell’ resonating silicon ring and double closed-loop electronic architecture enables best-in-class bias and noise performance from a MEMS gyroscope.
  • Long term stability is a key requirement to avoid the need for periodic re-calibration.
  • All Silicon Sensing’s gyroscopes are commercial MEMS sensors and are non-ITAR components.
  • Most popular products: DMU10, DMU30, CRS09SiRRS01CRH02 & Gemini™.