Industrial and Robotics

Dependable and repeatable sensors to enable novel solutions from industrial robots and hand tools.

  • Machine automation, industrial robots, powered and self-powered hand tools.
  • Transport system health and usage monitoring.
  • Construction equipment stability and position control.
  • Self-guided lawn mowers, pool cleaners and vacuum cleaners.
  • Medical robotics and orthopaedic systems.
  • Safety systems.
  • Telematics.
  • Accuracy, robustness and reliability are key requirements in this sector, facets which render Silicon Sensing inertial products the ideal choice.
  • Often the application design engineer in this field is unfamiliar with the nuances of inertial sensors, Silicon Sensing takes pride in the quality of its technical support during the tricky integration phase of a customer’s development program.
  • Most popular products: DMU10DMU30, PinPoint®, Orion™, CRS03CRS07, CRS43 & CRG20.