High Integrity

Sensors with high levels of fault detection and FMEA back-up for critical applications.

  • Any requirement where human safety is critical aspect of the application systems design.
  • Vehicle safety systems are classic examples where driver and occupant must be protected from failure of the system.
  • Silicon Sensing has supplied many MEMS gyroscopes for use in safety critical applications ranging from vehicle braking systems to the novel self-balancing Segway® human transporter which uses Silicon Sensing’s PinPoint® Gyroscopes.
  • Fault coverage and fault detection, and FMEA, are common aspects of the design of many inertial sensor products of Silicon Sensing.
  • If practicable, Silicon Sensing can provide technical assistance to the application system design engineer to ensure the required integrity is achieved at a system level incorporating Silicon Sensing MEMS inertial sensors.
  • Most popular products: CRG20, CRH02 & DMU30