Modernising aircraft AHRS and flight controls with ultra-reliable, precise MEMS gyros and accelerometers

  • AHRS (Attitude & Heading Reference Systems).
  • Standby instrumentation.
  • Aircraft flight control surface sensors.
  • Most popular products: DMU10PinPoint®Gemini®, CMS300CRH02, CRS09CRG20 & SiRRS01
  • High reliability MEMS sensors and electronics.
  • Best in class bias over temperature and bias instability.
  • Products have been used in FAA certified systems.
  • First class customer design support for integration.
  • Guarantee of supply is a key consideration due to long and costly re-qualification programs for key components such gyroscopes and accelerometers. Silicon Sensing is in it for the long haul and is able to provide continuity of supply for longer than suppliers of similar MEMS devices.