Modernising aircraft AHRS and flight controls with ultra-reliable, precise MEMS Gyros and accelerometers.

Platform Stabilisation

Precision gyroscopes for accurate mobile antenna and camera pointing.

Survey and Mapping

Affordable, reliable and high performance MEMS alternatives to large and costly FOG gyros.

Downhole Drilling

Robust and accurate MEMS Inertial sensors tailored specifically for downhole applications.

Precision Agriculture

Stable bias performance providing higher precision for crop management.

Industrial and Robotics

Dependable and repeatable sensors to enable novel solutions from industrial robots and hand tools.

Navigation Aiding

Precise inertial-aided navigation using PinPoint® low drift gyros.

High Integrity

Sensors with high levels of fault detection and FMEA back-up for critical applications.

Autopilot and Autohelm

Vibration resistant low-drift gyros to enable tight closed loop servo controllers.


FOG-type performance from MEMS for precise and affordable position control.

Unmanned Vehicles

Reliable attitude, heading and flight control inertial sensors and systems.